September 29, 2016

So long summer of 2016 ~

If only every summer could be as great as this last one - endless afternoon thunderstorms (which I love) and plenty of sunshine too.  It was the perfect combination for my garden.

I was pretty disciplined about not letting the garden get out of control this season.  I also had to bite the bullet and remove a number of plants that were planted in bad locations.  I'm a poor planner - no denying it.

I know most people think the summer heat in Florida is brutal, but I'll take it any day over cold days - and by cold I mean anything under 65.  Don't get me wrong - I know it's HOT . . . and lord does this chubby girl ever sweat.  I'll break a sweat the minute I step outside (no kidding), but it's okay.  Cold weather, on the other hand, makes my bones ache.  I'm a fourth generation Floridian . . . my bones like it hot.  :-)  And apparently so does my garden.

This is the bird garden that houses 4 feeders that I'm constantly having to fill.  Philip thinks I'm crazy, but if I sit down to eat (our table faces this garden) and I see a bird sitting at an empty feeder, I have to get up right then and there to fill it.  It's not logical, as there's probably 10 pounds of seed on the ground, but I can't help it.   

This is the pathway on the north side of the bird garden ~ and a couple of our girls eating part of that 10 pounds of seed on the ground.  

I have come to the conclusion (being a life long journal keeper) that photos are as powerful as words.  Makes me think of that movie "Words and Pictures".   I rarely go anywhere without my camera - even though I rarely go anywhere special.  But sometimes "special" happens right in your own backyard.  And sometimes I still get a pretty cool shot.  This is a tiny ladybug (really, smaller than the average ladybug) eating a super tiny aphid on my milkweed.   I took this with a macro lens and wasn't  sure what kind of photos I had captured until I downloaded them on my computer.  I didn't even know the ladybug was actually eating an aphid at the time.  It is my "photo of the week" . . . 

. . . but don't tell Bones.  She thinks she's always numero uno.