January 8, 2017

When it's too cold to go outside and play . . .

In the 30's here in Lakeland, FL this morning ~ following an all day, much needed rain yesterday (loved the rain, hate the cold).

It's way too cold outside for me . . . and the girls are trying hard to look pathetic since I wont do the morning walk (we did drive them to the trail for a run though - you'd think they'd be grateful!).  That's the extent of my ventures outside.  Our highs today will be in the low 50's . . . still too cold.  So I'll continue to do what I did yesterday ~

. . . make beautiful lavender bar soap (used organic olive oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, hemp oil, and lavender and patchouli essential oils ~ smells amazing) . . . and bath soaks . . . and whatever else strikes my fancy.   I really want to try some whipped body butter again.  My first attempt was a bust so I'm a little leery, but I keep reading how easy it is.

While I've been tinkering with my soaks and soaps, Philip's been busy in his woodshop.  More on that later.

Stay warm and may your gardens be safe from the cold and the winds.



  1. It'll be warming up soon, hang in there! Great use of indoor time. Your soaps look wonderful!

  2. Brrr, you had some COLD temps. It got into the low 40's feeling like the high 30's down here.

    Your soaps are so pretty as are your bath salts. Way to go!