February 16, 2017

It just never gets old . . .

Mother Nature . . . a million blooms . . . and that million and one is just as spectacular.  ❤

Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens)
My Carolina Jessamine is buried beneath the ever growing, super aggressive Dutchman's pipevine ~ but every year it works and works to put out a handful of blooms.  And every year I'm thankful for those few showy yellow flowers, especially when they appear in the middle of winter.

This past weekend I was doing some serious trimming around the garden and found a chrysalis on a branch I was hauling roadside.  I clipped it off and brought it on the patio . . . and yesterday morning, before work, I spotted this beauty.  I've probably seen hundreds of emerging butterflies, but it never gets old.

I didn't want him to be stuck on the patio all day, so I transported him to the butterfly garden to finish drying and by lunch he was long gone.  Today I had two monarchs fluttering about.  I'd like to think he (or she) was one of them.

I have been a nature lover my whole life . . . and even after all these years . . . I still think it's magical!


  1. Oh, how I miss my caterpillars and butterflies right now! You are so right, it never gets old. They are fascinating creatures.

    One of the things I am thinking about doing up here is starting a butterfly nursery. I think there's a niche for it, and it would keep me busy from spring to fall with winters off! ;0D
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful discovery!

  2. You are so right, it is magical! It makes us smile, it does us good mentally, physically and spiritually to be outside in nature. Of course, our winter/spring time is great here in FL.

    Have a lovely weekend dear eli ~ FlowerLady

  3. Butterflies are magical creatures and such beauties. I love seeing them floating all through the garden. I wonder how many chrysalis' I might have missed when cutting branches and tossed. Too painful to think about that. I currently have one attached to an orchid Leaf and a tomato leaf. So amazing!