March 10, 2017

A rose is a rose is a rose . . . .

My Mom loved roses ~ and I like them too.  I especially like them in my dried flower arrangements - where I can't kill them (found a lovely shop on Etsy where I splurged a little this past month -Summer Sweet Boutique).

I also, against my better judgement, splurged on another rose bush.  I gave my others away last time - before I killed them.  But this one - well, I created a bed out front just for it.

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose
And I'm going to put some real effort into keeping it alive.  I had Philip pick it out on Valentine's Day ~ so it's my Valentine's rose . . . a special rose bush . . . one I will take care of and one that smells absolutely amazing.

. . . but a rose bush is not all I bought.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now."

Avocados are so good for you and our kids love them ~ so I figured I couldn't go wrong with the addition of an avocado tree.  It's planted out front since the back garden is no longer excepting applications.  In fact, it has pretty much cried uncle so I'm forced to venture to the front yard.  There's lots of room out front.  👀

And guess what tomorrow is?  OUR ANNUAL SPRING OBSESSION!  I got my big wagon all ready and I'm so excited.  Don't need a thing . . . but boy do I have the "wants".  

Image result for munn park spring obsession 2017

This past week I made my first batch of bi-colored soap (organic coconut oil, palm kernel oil - ethically harvested, and organic juniper berries).  The brown stuff in the middle is the ground up juniper berries.  The top coloring was done using a touch of green french clay.  Isn't it pretty?  Oh and it smells wonderful.  I used a phthalate free fragrance oil - coconut island.  Ya mon!

Well that's it for today.  We are so looking forward to the weekend.  High Five!  Thumbs Up!

May you find a little joy in every day,
"A little madness in the spring is wholesome even for a queen."  Emily Dickinson


  1. What a great post dear eli! What is the name of your rose? Is it double delight? That's the name that just popped into my head. You should check out Rose Petals Nursery online. They are up around Gainesville. Those 'old garden' roses are very hardy and have wonderful scents, colors etc. I love my roses and if I can grow them, you certainly can with your green hands. :-)

    Love that photo of Philip.

    Your soap looks and sounds wonderful!!!

    Have a great weekend and may your avocado reward you with much fruit.


    1. Thank you Rainey. My rose is a "double delight hybrid tea rose". I purchased it from Peterson Nursery here in Lakeland and they are well known for their roses. All the blooms have now faded and I trimmed it back. Fingers are crossed that I don't kill it. I really don't have much luck with roses. But you make it look so easy! Actually it was one of your posts that made me decide to try one more time.

      Thanks for visiting. Your comments always make me smile.



  2. Oh, Spring Obsession is always a treat! Enjoy!
    We may be getting snow tonight into tomorrow! That's the treat for my weekend. Love the stuff.

    Your soap is gorgeous and I'll bet it smells divine!

    Ditto on what FlowerLady said about Philip.

    Your avocado tree will bring you new friends. Wishing you the sweetest harvest!

  3. Hi Eli, I see I've missed quite a few of your posts. Glad that I have some catching up to do. Double Delight is a wonderful rose. I used to have one a very long time ago. It was a favorite. Good luck with yours.