March 13, 2017

For the love of rain . . .

Is there anything more soothing than the sound of rain (maybe that of a fire)?  Ever since I was a child, I have loved the sound of a good thunderstorm.  Now that I'm a gardener, I love a good storm for so many reasons . . . but mostly because nothing makes my garden grow quite like rain ~ and I still find the sound so comforting.

Our time in the garden this evening was cut short by a few rain drops ~ with the promise of much more to come tonight.  But we were able to sit out for a spell . . . surrounded by so many wonderful fragrances - orange blossoms, jasmine, almond spice bush, and my banana shrub.  I imagine that's what heaven smells like.  πŸ’š

My banana shrub blossoms are working double duty providing us with an amazing aroma . . . and storing food for the birds.  πŸ˜  I find peanuts in all kinds of strange places as the birds drop them in flight, from the trees, etc.  The dogs love it when they hit the ground - snack time!

I want to share something Philip made for Jr. this weekend:

My boys LOVE fishing and when you combine Philip's love of woodworking . . . well, you get stuff like this!  He has so much "scrap" wood in his shop and when he can create something from it, he gets pretty excited.  I think that's a pretty cool cardholder.  πŸ‘  Of course I may be his biggest fan.

My Mom was also a huge fan of Philip's . . . she loved him dearly (I think more than me sometimes!).   But that's okay . . . he's that lovable!

Today is Mom's birthday.  This photo was from our last family trip together.  She had a ball - she was sassy and spunky . . . she was Mom . . . and she is dearly missed. 

May you find a little joy in everyday.

"Losing a mother doesn't happen in a moment.  It takes years to appreciate the impact of what's gone."  Baker


  1. Bless your heart that is filled with loving memories of your Mom on this day. That's a great photo of she and Philip.

    Beautiful card holder. Philip is very talented.

    We had a good rain during the middle of the night down here. Very good for the gardens.

    Have a wonderful week dear eli ~ FlowerLady

  2. Very nice pic of Philip and your mom. Your garden must smell wonderful with all those wonderfully fragrant plants. Enjoy!